Saturday, June 6, 2015

One step closer

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately!
Today we had a community vendor summer market for our adoption fundraiser!
 We had a great time and some really great members of our community came to donate, help and offer their support.
Thank you to those of you who came out from the VERY BOTTOM of my heart for your love, time, donations and words of encouragement.
My heart is full.

Please note the total on my sidebar has gone up!
As far as, where we are in the process, here is a little low down...
 We have only 1 visit left with our social worker for her to finish our home study, she goes in for surgery next week so will you pray for her with us?
Pray that she heals quickly and can write our home study in a quick timeframe!
The sooner she writes the home study, the sooner we get to bust this baby out of the orphanage!
 We are still fundraising... which I have quickly learned is tough but we choose to have faith that God will provide
We are also still compiling very important official documents to be sent to Eastern Europe!
So there ya go!
Thank you guys again!!!
With all my love,

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello friends and Family,

I wanted to update everyone on all the things that have gone on lately!
First off our T-shirt and Younique fundraisers are now closed!
T-shirts should be shipped out by next week.
to all that supported us through these two fundraisers, every little bit counts!!
As far as the yard sale goes, in my opinion it was a huge success!
We raised just over $900!!
I think that's a lot! sure its VERY easy to get discouraged and look at the overall total, 
1K is no where close to 20K
But I am working so hard to have faith that BIG things will happen so we can get to Eastern Europe ASAP.
I keep saying that EVERY little bit helps, because it DOES!
So Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who so graciously donated to our yard sale!!

Now I want to talk about FAITH,
Having faith in this situation is hard for me.
 If I had my way, Id just have the money now, nothing would be holding us up and we'd be there NOW getting my son.
 But where is the glory to GOD in that?
 Where does his grace and mercy fall into that?
 If that were to happen, how would we learn to recognize Him and His hand in all of this?
I learned a valuable lesson this past week,
 He has called me to a very hard path, a path that REQUIRES faith.
We are walking on faith...
 that He will provide funds
Faith that He will keep Sam (Isaiah) SAFE
Faith that His Angels will protect and guide EVERYONE involved
Faith that we will also be safe
Faith that He will provide a way for our family.
 This is the biggest test of Faith I've ever had to endure.

There have been days when I have said "God, there is no way"
Then a complete stranger donates to our Go Fund Me page
Then again, I say "how will I endure?"
Then we have TONS of people donate to our yard sale, hundreds show up to shop, and people pay a BUNCH extra for a very small yard sale item and offer kinds words of support, a neighbor who donated after her yard sale and
we even had a sweet friend who donated almost all of our bake sale items!

So you see, I see God's handprint ALL over our lives and ALL over this adoption.
He will provide and I have faith in that.

So again, I am asking that you pray for this Family.
Pray that we can get the needed funds
Pray that lives will be touched through our Sam and his story.
Pray that Sam will be loved on until we can love on him
and Pray that the glory be to God

with all my love,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This weekend we are hosting a yard sale to raise funds to bring home Sam!
God has provided in generous ways already, we have had a few donations and BIG ones might I add.
I cant believe how gracious and kind complete strangers have been
and we are so thankful!
Let me know if you'd like to help out or donate!
We'd love all the help we can get!!
Lets make this a big success!!
all my love,

Friday, May 1, 2015


Hello all!
 As we end this week of endless paperwork, errands and doctor appointments,
 I wanted to say Thank you!
Thank you for your support, love and prayers for my family as we embark on this journey of a lifetime.
 I often can feel your prayers.
I wanted to give you heads up on some of my fundraisers that will come to an end very soon
First are my shirts that Tink and Key make
Please leave a comment on this post with your paypal email and I will invoice you to order one!

 Next are the necklaces that a friend of mine makes and is donating all proceeds to our adoption fund!
click HERE to go to her ETSY page

 And lastly, our Younique fundraiser
This sweet gal came to me and asked if she could help, 25% of all proceeds go to our adoption fund!
Click HERE to go to the fundraiser!
Upcoming fundraisers:
 I wanted to let you know that our family will be hosting a LARGE yard sale on the morning on May 9th, from 7-1 as a fundraiser.
We are asking for donations to help us out!
Do you have Clothes, Shoes, furniture, blankets, etc. laying around that you could donate to us for this event?!
If so, get in contact with me and we can arrange a time for you to drop it off!
We also have a LARGE vendor fair coming up in our neighborhhod as well, all proceeds from this event will go towards our adoption fund as well.
My community is helping with this fundraiser, they came to me this week and asked if they could do this for us and I was OVER THE MOON!
I couldn't believe that they would do this for us and this, yet again, has left me humbled, loved and grateful for this amazing community we live in!
Don't forget you can donate via Paypal by pressing the "donate now" button on my side bar.
or My GoFundMe page is:
We could not be more blessed!
Will you join me in prayer over this next week for my Sam?
Pray that angels will hold him, love on him and watch over him.
Pray that he will be healthy and safe until I can get there to hold and love on him!
With all my love,

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dear friends and Family,
 I realized after publishing my blog and by people asking, most of you do not know "our story"
So today I wanted to tell everyone about us and ways you can help us
BRING SAM (Isaiah on Reece's Rainbow) HOME
 So Nathan and I met when I was just a mere 18 years old, and he was 22. We both showed up to a friends mission home-coming party
(that we were both drug too, meaning neither of us wanted to be there)
 I sat alone on the couch and he was watching me across the room, I thought to myself
"this guy is a CREEP!"
Next thing I know, he is sitting next to me, playing jokes on me and making me laugh. He asked me on a date and I asked him to meet my dad.
The rest is history...
I could not have planned us meeting or orchestrated that any better.
I believe in destiny and I believe we were destined to be together for eternity. Nathan and I are best friends, partners in crime, we laugh together, play together and we love deeply.
Shortly after we were married we of course wanted a family,
 We tried and then started going through testing and were told we would never have children together.
This was a whole new chapter of our marriage that I DID NOT WANT TO WALK
 I dreamed of having 10 kids, I dreamed my whole life all I would be is a MOM.
Why would my dream be shattered like this?
 Next thing I know we are going through infertility treatments, and conceived our first son Noah.
Noah is a miracle, a reminder to me that God HEARS US.
years later, we tried and tried to get pregnant again. It wouldn't work. We were yet again crushed.
So we prayed and prayed, and GOD said "FOSTER CARE."
I said "NO"
He was persistent and led us to those training classes and led us through a home study.
 We then got our first foster children,
and later adopted Braxtyn, our first daughter!
Braxtyn's birth mom then had another baby, Hayden,
who was born positive to drugs and placed with us.
We adopted him 1 year later.
During all of this we have had 10 foster children and still have foster children now.
We believe that God called us to this, Yes its hard but its His will for this family.
He has been good and gracious and giving to us.
This is our work to Glorify HIM
So as we have walked this path, my longing for BABIES has never gone away.
 We prayed and prayed and prayed as to where to go next.
and I came across Reece's Rainbow
I saw sweet Samuel (Isaiah on Reece's Rainbow) sitting on this website, I knew he was in an orphanage and I knew he was MINE
 "Its crazy" I thought
I called Nathan at work and he says "ok, lets do it!"
I was shocked. I thought for sure he'd say :NO" or "are you CRAZY?!"
God had changed our hearts.
He prepared us for this journey.
so here we are now, lots of kids, lots of paperwork, lots of fundraising to do and little time.
We need your help.
First you can click on the link on my side bar to donate through Reece's Rainbow(its tax deductible)
Next I have a goFundMe account set up:  
I also have a few fundraisers going on:
First is a T-shirt made by Tink and Key
Its says "by Faith not sight"
it comes in infant to adult sizes and is $20 for kids and $30 for adults

Next, I have an amazing friend who makes custom jewelry, she has offered that all proceeds from this necklace will go to our adoption fund!

And the last one I have going on is a Younique fundraiser (3D FIBER LASH MASCARA)
 a sweet gal who approached me and wanted to help us in any way she could.
 Most of all:
 WILL you please pray?
Pray for our journey to be filled with love and grace and peace
Pray that angels will hold Sam(Isaiah)until we can
pray that we can get to him ASAP.

with all my love,

Monday, April 20, 2015

"Superman was adopted too"

My heart is OVERWHELMED!
This morning as I begged and pleaded with God over this adoption and money,
I said to Him "I have faith that you LED me to this, now will you lead me THROUGH this,especially with finances."
He answered that prayer this morning...
Its always crazy to me that He will answer our prayers through others, and just when I needed it, He offered a kind reassuring answer to my prayer.
A friend of mine (also fellow international adoptive mom) has graciously offered to have proceeds from these necklaces sold in her Etsy shop go to benefit our adoption fund!!
Can you believe this?
 Will you spread the word and get everyone over to her SHOP to get these stinking cute necklaces?
click here to go to her shop

Thank you

I just wanted to say THANK YOU
Thank you to everyone for your kind, kind words
for your warm embrace and love as we shared the news about our adoption.
 THANK YOU for your generous donations to our SAM
Thank you for helping my dream of loving the motherless and fatherless become a reality.
 We have felt your prayers
We have seen hearts change, JUST IN ONE WEEK!
 We can NOT express enough gratitude for the love of our friends and family.
Miracles are happening all over the place, I've watched so many in just a short time.
We are definitely walking on faith here,
and there have been times this week when I have wondered what the heck I am doing,
 I have questioned our abilities
 I have been scared to death of affording this
 I have asked my self over and over if we can handle this
 and although, we have questions and doubts, we are only human.
 We WILL bring home our SAM and
HE will help us move mountains to get there.
God knows how this story will end and I have faith in that.
 I am so excited to see what our future holds and again I am so beyond thankful for your generosity, love, prayers and support.
With all my love,
*remember our family sponsorship page is up and you can go make a tax deductible donation by clicking "donate now" on our side bar*